RECORDPROOF is the first digital container archive solution for long-term and secure archiving (TR-ESOR) of any document formats, file structures, images, audio and videos with an integrated powerful full-text search.


With RECORDPROOF, you can make all business-relevant information for your business processes available independent of the location and revision-proof.

The container architecture of RECORDPROOF stores vendor-independent all documents, metadata and backup information in one object in a standard format. The data protection by design requirement from the EU Data Protection Ordinance is thus already fulfilled on document level.

RECORDPROOF guarantees compliance with all national and european standards and laws with regard to the security of proof and audit, documentation integrity and retention periods.

RECORDPROOF is TR-ESOR compliant and supports the highest safety standards, such as extensive logging, secure encryption algorithms and eIDAS compliant accesses. Only authorized users can view or edit documents.

RECORDPROOF is freely scaleable from individual workgroups to multinational corporations or health care facilities. The modular architecture ensures simple integration into existing IT structures and processes.

RECORDPROOF can be run in the cloud (e.g. Deutschland-Cloud) as well as and on-premise.