Secure transactions in business processes

International business activities and diverse company sites require highly accurate synchronization of all transactions carried out via Intranet and Internet in order to secure multiple and complex business processes across time zones and national boundaries.

The goal is: security

All transactions carried out in the company must be compliant with statutory demands and commercial conventions.

Integration into business processes

The integration of timeproof's timestamp into business processes is easily done. Banks or research institutes, for example, account for their data exchange or document the presence of their results by applying time signatures. 

Documentation exactly to the second

timeproof solutions make it possible to document every transaction in the business process, whether production, development or data exchange, to the second. Data from previous periods can be reviewed very quickly with an high-performance verification.

The scalable TSS400 system offers these possibilities to produce proof of the legal security of mentioned business processes.

We will be pleased to elaborate on how you can reduce your costs with timeproof.