Auditable mass storage

Administrations and corporations must secure legal and sensitive processes and implement suitable storage strategies to this end.

Use of a timeproof TSS400 time signature server is a cost-effective solution that is easy to integrate. It can facilitate compliance with statutory requirements such as those of the German Ministry of Finance on the storage of corporate data according to generally-accepted accounting principles in computer-assisted accounting systems/principles of data access and the auditability of digital documents (GoBS, GDPdU)-- all at acceptable cost, highly efficient, and easy to use.

A combination of storage system and continuous electronic signature with legally valid time can achieve legally secure documentation of any type of stored data. Enhanced by a legally valid time indication, sound legal authenticity is gained.

Our solution offers several advantages

  • Operating costs are reduced considerably;
  • Maintenance costs are lower;
  • Access to data is quicker;
  • space savings: expenses drop predictably

Replacement of mechanical systems such as tape or optical disk systems, and partial substitution of robot systems, makes it possible to create an amortization schedule.

Why don’t you try out this powerful alternative to optical jukeboxes and HDD-based storage devices?