TSS400 - Securing business transactions with timestamps

The integration of our solutions into the customer’s IT environment is completely independent of the existing network and operating systems, and is carried out exclusively by the user, who then disposes freely of interfaces and connections.

Linking the signature or timestamp function to the customer’s application may be effected by means of our own API, which we supply free of charge along with our TÜV-certified devices, which consist of server and signature system.

  • Same API as in all timeproof trustboxes
  • Signature exchange formats PKCS#7, TSP according to RFC 3161
  • Time signal: Germany DCF77 (according to PTB)
  • Signature component: Smart cards (ITSEC E3/high, CC EAL4+)
  • Identification, authentication and access control: 
    administrator has limited access via vTSS-GUI web interface 
    Four-eyes principle
  • IP-interface with the network
  • Recording of the signature log files
  • Dimensions, weight, power input TSS400 Trustbox: 
    standard 19“ 3RU, 84HP, depth 380mm, weight ca. 4,2 kg, max. 50W/h TSA
    Protocol adaptor: 170mm x 110mm x 32mm, weight 0,5 kg, max. 18W/h


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